Business Performance

Flix Steel Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer and distributor of supportive accessories and fastener hardware.

We satisfy customer demands with a wide selection of pipe hangers, pipe clamps, nuts, screws, studs, U-bolts, J-bolts, L-bolts, along to equipment used in electrical systems, water supply systems, fire extinguishing systems in high-rise buildings, to building structures and industrial factories. All FLIX products are designed from our years of deep understanding in the field and manufactured with the latest machines. We also offer made-to-order services so customers may receive the exact product that matches their industry’s most specific demands.

Why Flix Steel


quality products

Flix Steel products are a symbol of global standard products available at a reasonable price.


comprehensive products

We supply a wide range of supportive accessories and fastening hardware for engineering and structural works in all industries.


factory & technologies

Our factory is readily equipped with cutting-edge technology and systematic management which enable us to supply the market with high quality goods.


warehouse & delivery

We offer brilliant delivery services for our customers’ highest convenience. With efficient warehousing and management systems, we ship orders speedily and punctually to all regions in Thailand.


professional team

The Company has a team of engineers who provide professional advice and apply their experience to design products.

Look beyond

We connect with customers on a special level with constant product development and turnkey services.

Our Company is always seeking creative ways to exceed customer expectations by adding new products to our collection, expanding the marketing base, increasing production capacity, and training our staff regularly.

Standards &

Flix Steel Co., Ltd. is devoted to supplying highly reliable products made in international standard management systems and strict quality control processes such as ISO 9001:2015 and NSC-TISI-TIS 17021-1 QMS005.