Slide Facilities & Technologies
Every product is manufactured at
Flix Steel Co., Ltd.’s factory using the latest technology and know-hows. Our operations meet international standards and relative project regulations.

It can be easily said that Flix Steel Co., Ltd.’s factory is one of the top supportive accessories manufacturing plants in the country. With selected machine models imported from overseas, we can produce a wide range of products at high capacities to respond to the market’s supportive accessory demands and expectations.


Our Company has a standard warehouse system with smart management and accurate inventory checking methods. This way, we can prepare and ship orders to customers in all provinces of Thailand quickly and punctually.

Quality Control

We devote our attention to the smallest details in every product, starting from raw material procurement. Only the best materials are chosen from leading suppliers and allowed to enter the manufacturing process. Both prior and post production, quality control measures are applied so our customers receive high quality goodsーthe signature of Flix Steel Co., Ltd.